25th March, 2020


Late Tuesday night the decisive matches in ESL Pro League’s Group A and a few things were needed for Astralis to secure a group stage victory.

First of all the team had to beat one of the direct competitors, Vitality, and secondly, NiP had to lose against the worst performing team of the group, ENCE. 

After an intense match with star players stepping up all over the maps, Astralis took the victory home over the span of three maps against Vitality. After trading map picks with Astralis winning Dust2 and Vitality taking Overpass in a fiery overtime, the decider came down to Nuke.

Nicolai 'dev1ce' Reedtz and the team wanted to show off their peak form in this last battle for first place, and the team's sniper did so in style:

On the third map, Astralis showed the same form the team had displayed in most of their previous group games. A strong performance closing out the game 16-8 and 2-1 for the series. 

NiP, the other top team of Group A, went to three maps with ENCE as well and was defeated by the Finnish squad after three maps. All the stars aligned for Astralis final sprint to the top of the group and will be going into the next stage with the best record of all the group’s six top Counter-Strike teams. NiP and Vitality will go through to a plain-in stage where they will have another shot at the second page of the group stage where Astralis awaits them again.

In the second stage, Astralis will once again compete in six-team round-robin group stage to qualify directly for the EU Championship Match where the last two standing teams will have one last, best-of-five showdown for the title of ESL Pro League champions.

The second phase of the group stage begins on April 5. Astralis' match and timeslot are yet to be announced but the Astralis Calendar will be updated as soon as it's decided.