Company Announcement No 9 / 2020

Astralis Group to merge all activities and teams into the Astralis brand

With immediate effect, Astralis Group will merge all the organisations activities and teams into one globally recognised brand: Astralis.

Being the most successful Counter-Strike team of all times, Astralis is already one of the most iconic brands in esports and with the inclusion of Astralis Group’s League of Legends team (previously Origen) and FIFA roster (Future FC), Astralis positions itself as one of the biggest esports brands in Europe and a major global player.

About Astralis

Astralis owns a permanent franchise spot in League of Legends’s European league, LEC.  In Counter-Strike, the organisation owns 1/14th of Pro League with a permanent spot in the world’s biggest tournament, and the team also has a permanent spot in the global BLAST Premier tournament.

All commercial, brand and team activities are gathered on the online platform

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