Roster change: Bubzkji replaces JUGi

As per today, Astralis has released Jakob “JUGi” Hansen and signed Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen.

JACK&JONES: Memory Lane

A tribute to two amazing years with JACK&JONES.

Lobby Chat #3: The hottest talent

Who's the next dev1ce? Find out in episode 3 of Lobby Chat.

Impressions from #astralication

During the summer, fans have shared their photos under the hashtag #astralication to show how they're spending this unusual summer.

Lobby Chat: The most competitive region

dev1ce and dupreeh settle the NA vs. EU debate in the second episode of Lobby Chat.

July 31st

Roster change: Bubzkji replace JUGi

July 29th

Reminiscing with JACK&JONES

July 27th

Lobby Chat #3: The hottest talent

July 27th

Impressions from #astralication

July 20th

Lobby Chat: Episode #2