Astralis enters strategic league partnership with ESL Pro League

Astralis and Astralis Group have reached a long-term agreement with ESL Pro League to participate in the league with 12 other partner teams. 

Community Shakers 2020: Award Winner

Astralis Group and Astralis have been awarded the Community Shaker Award by an international jury for ‘strengthening its fan base engagement, widen its community to reach a new audience, and raise awareness of esports.'

Astralis has work to do before Katowice

Astralis didn't start the year great at BLAST Premier. Now the team is gearing up for the first full tournament of the year: IEM Katowice 2020.

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17th February

Astralis to participate in ESL Pro League

11th February

Astralis wins the Community Shakers award

10th February

Astralis preparing for IEM Katowice

9th February

Show off the Astralis colors with official merchandise

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