Our Story

Astralis is a leading esports organization, currently operating three teams under the Astralis brand; in Counter-Strike (CS2).

The Counter-Strike and League of Legends teams were originally owned by RFRSH Entertainment, founded by Nikolaj Nyholm and Jakob Lund Kristensen in 2016. In July 2019, both teams were bought out and re-established under Astralis, with key members of the management team and staff transferring as well. Shortly after the separation from RFRSH, Astralis launched its FIFA team, Future FC, with the ambition to reach even broader audiences. Through the rest of 2019, a total of three players were signed on Future FC.

In December 2019, Astralis became the first publicly listed team owner in esports, as the company was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Through a pioneering approach to performance and by advocating a positive, balanced lifestyle, the Astralis Performance Model has proved groundbreaking in the esports industry. The strategic performance approach is a base value throughout the organization, as well as the basis for developing all teams under a shared performance-, branding- and business- model.

In November of 2020, Astralis launched the talent programme with talent teams in League of Legends and Counter Strike.

On September 3, 2021, Astralis took over Disrupt Gaming's assets, key staff, and facilities around their Rainbow Six team to compete under the Astralis brand in Ubisoft's North American Rainbow Six League. Astralis activities in North America are run by the newly established Astralis US Inc. in Las Vegas.

On November 19, 2021, Astralis ventured into one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite, by signing top-talent 'Th0masHD', thereby forming the official Astralis Fortnite team.

In September, 2022, Astralis launched a new women’s team in Counter-Strike with the ambition, not only to perform well and aim for titles, but also support women in gaming like it is done with FIFA player Stephanie “Teca” in Brazil.

While Astralis may have pioneered the esports IPO launch, it could set the precedent for more organizations to follow suit, making way for further investment in the rapidly growing global industry. Additionally, Astralis' decision to open up shares to the public is further bolstering esports as a rival to film, music, and sports in the entertainment industry. As esports is still a relatively new field, Astralis aims to help educate the market through a continuous high level of information.

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose


To champion the positive potential of gaming by providing a guiding star for aspiring gamers worldwide through example

To create a globally recognized and iconic gaming brand

Always create ambassadors of Astralis – whether fans, players or partners

Our Values

We are driven by passion

The love for our craft is at the core of who we are, and we will always be passionate about winning in every aspect of our business.

We Champion Progress

We are never satisfied with status quo. We always want to push not only our own potential, but also that of esports and gaming, to become greater tomorrow than it is today.

Here to Share

We never want to simply engage; we want to engage with our stakeholders. We believe that the power of shared experiences, community and a genuine emotional connection is how we will build our brand not for our fans but with our fans.

We support our ambassadors

We want to inspire and enable everyone coming in touch with Astralis - fans, partners or players - to share our passion and journey as ambassadors building our brand.