1 For 1 In Weekend Brawl

1 For 1 In Weekend Brawl

In the first two matches of the second half of LEC, we win against Team BDS and lose against G2 Esports. The weekends outcomes place us at a shared sixth place with Fnatic and Misfits Gaming, totaling  5 wins and 6 losses.

On Friday, June 22, we went up against G2 Esports. Here we started off relatively even, with G2 earning a slight gold lead while we secured two early dragons.

Around the mid-game, we won an important team fight around the dragon with Xerxe shutting down caPs early, then collapsing on the rest of G2 in surplus immediately after.

We kept building up momentum into the late game, leading up to us taking the baron at the 33-minute mark. G2 had other plans though, as caPs and BrokenBlade made a swift push simultaneously in bot lane, ending the game in an instant while the rest of G2 stopped us from defending our base.

After the surprising loss on Friday, we were back on the Rift Saturday against Team BDS. With a strong team fight composition of Gangplank, Wukong, Vex, Zeri, and Rakan, we started off passively in the early game. Slowly but surely, we transitioned into the mid-game, where the composition started to show its strength.

After Vizicsacsi had fed his Gangplank with enough items, we went up mid lane together to force a push towards BDS' Nexus. Two barrels were enough to put BDS' AD Carry, xMatty to almost no health, allowing us to push for the win and destroying the Nexus at the 32-minute mark.

After the win, our jungler Xerxe was interviewed on stage. Watch the interview here

The LEC Summer Split has proven to be a very competitive one, with many teams sharing spots in the official standings. If the trend continues, the 5th and 6th playoff spots might be decided using Riot's tie-breaker rules. The first decider will be head-to-head matches.