10 great shots from Gamebox

10 great shots from Gamebox

Over the weekend, we attended the big Gamebox Festival in Herning, and it was an absolute blast! Thousands of smiling and happy gamers and fans visited our booth at Denmark's biggest festival, where our main CS-players officially opened the event with a Q/A session on the main stage and a Meet & Greet afterwards.

Both our women's and talent teams competed in the LAN event, we hosted two big gameshows on the main stage, had 1v1s at our stand with everybody from players to fans, police, streamers and other pros battling it out, and of course a big Astralis Nexus section with fan gear of all kinds.

Astralis would like to express gratitude to everyone who attended the event. The smiles from young and grown-up attendees made all the hard work worthwhile.

gla1ve and Co. send their thanks from the IEM Dallas 2023 tournament in Texas, USA.

See some of the finest pictures from the gaming event right here: