$90.000 Secured In FNCS Invitational

November 14, 2022

November 12 and 13 marked the biggest Fortnite event of the year, with FNCS Invitational blasting away in Raleigh, North Carolina, US. The de facto world championship in Fortnite had a prize pool of $1.000.000, with 100 players on 50 teams competing for the prize.

Th0masHD and his duo partner trippernn went in guns blazing and came out with an outstanding fourth place, earning them a shared prize pool of $90.000.  

On day 1, 6 matches awaited, and Th0masHD and trippernn went for aggressive plays, with multiple eliminations in each game. In the first three matches, the duo placed 11th, 15th, and 8th, whereafter they turned up the heat and secured 7th and two 4th spots in the final three rounds.

On day 2, the duo got more meticulous in their approach, playing a safer game to reach better placements. A dire 3rd game on day 2 had Th0masHD placed on 34th, followed by a solid rebound to 6th leading up to the final match.

The final game wasn't enough to push the deadly duo ahead of the top three, with 26 points to tie a third, and Th0masHD and trippernn earned their final position on fourth place with 272 points in total.

Next up for Th0masHD will be the $100.000 open LAN tournament in Dreamhack Jönköping. The tournament will run all three days, beginning on Friday, Nov 25, and finishing Sunday, Nov 27, at DreamHack Winter.