A Late Comeback Results In Defeat

A Late Comeback Results In Defeat

An excellent performance, especially from kezziwow, resulted in a suspenseful match against IQmonster, who, sadly, went the whole nine yards.

The 16-14 defeat entails a fall in the rankings, with Astralis now standing at 139th.

Out of the 435 teams registered, the top 192 teams qualify for the playoffs, which means we are still in the safe zone.

During the playoffs, the teams ending in 9th-64th place will advance to the ESEA Intermediate. 2nd-4th place moves up to ESEA Main, and the winning team is promoted to ESEA Advanced.

Overpass was the chosen battlefield on November 17th, where both kezziwow and Joanana felt comfortable. With 28 and 26 frags, our IGL and our AWPer fought until the very end.

Besides reaching 26 frags too, aurora took on the role as 'Clutchminister' by winning two huge 1v1s during the match, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to gain the victory.

Our ESEA Open score now consists of six wins and four losses. We'll try to up the winning score on Wednesday, November 23rd, at 20:30 CET versus Korbert Gaming.

Astralis (w) consists of: