A Shaky Start In ESL Pro League

A Shaky Start In ESL Pro League

Photo: ESL / Helena Kristiansson

After waiting a month, the CS team is finally back on the server as Group D in ESL Pro League has begun. We faced Team Spirit in our first match in the Group Stage, which consists of a Double Elimination best-of-three format. For all the information about ESL Pro League, take a look here.

We started on our map pick, Ancient, where we quickly got the first two rounds, but then the CTs strongly responded with 13 rounds in a row. In the second half, history repeated itself, with our team securing the first two rounds, but then Team Spirit quickly closed the map 4-16.

There was no time for grieving as we traveled to Mirage for the second map. In the first half, we would have wished for another destination as Team Spirit took the lead 4-11, but on the T-side, we woke up. At 4-13, we strung together five rounds in a row, tightening the score 9-13.

Despite a comeback attempt, we lost the second map 11-16, which means we lost 0-2 in our first game. But fear no more; plenty of matches and opportunities remain in our ESL Pro League journey.

We're playing again tomorrow, March 16, at 19:30 CET against Natus Vincere.