alexsomfan: Surprised by the Competition's Level

alexsomfan: Surprised by the Competition's Level
  • Date: On August 28th, 2023
  • Tournament: World Esports Championship (LAN)
  • Opponent: North Macedonia
  • Match: First round of the playoffs
  • Start Time: 18:30 CEST
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After a rollercoaster weekend in Romania, the talent team moved on to the playoffs of the World Esports Championship.

In the fast-paced world of esports, there's never a dull moment. Our team is back on Monday, August 28th, at 18:30 CEST.

First up in the playoffs, Andreas "kiR" Kirstein and the team face North Macedonia, who earned their spot with some impressive performances in Group D.

alexsomfan: In it to win it

Alexander "alexsomfan" Nielsen, the team coach:

- We're in it to win it. But we're taking it one game at a time, focusing solely on the next challenge.

External factors threw a curveball

Discussing the past weekend, alexsomfan notes:

- The team gave it their all. We faced some hiccups with the schedule changes by IESF. But you can't cry over spilt milk. The losses against Uzbekistan and Ukraine were just bumps in the road.

- Our match with Uzbekistan got bumped from the afternoon to the middle of the night. External factors threw us a curveball there. Against Ukraine, we were on fire until the last stretch. Playing on such a big stage can get to you.

Alexsomfan shared his insights on the competition level at the championship:

- Not knowing what you're up against with these unfamiliar teams is hard. But many came out swinging, taking risks and going head-to-head. We've got to be on our toes.

- We've shown we've got game. Challenges like delays or less-than-perfect conditions? We've got to roll with the punches and not let them get to us.

On a brighter note, alexsomfan was pleased with the arrangements:

- Setting aside the scheduling hiccups, things have been top-notch. Great hotel, and the stage setup is a sight to behold. There's always someone around to lend a helping hand.