alexsomfan: This Shouldn't Fool Us in POWER Ligaen

September 7, 2023
  • Date: From September 11th to December 3rd
  • Tournament: POWER Ligaen (LAN)
  • Next opponent: XI ESPORT (Denmark)
  • Match date: September 11th, 2023, at 21:00 CEST
  • You can catch all the action LIVE on ASTRALIS WATCH

The 24th season of the POWER Ligaen is underway, with the defending champions, the talent team, again partaking.

As reigning champions, the Talent team has clinched back-to-back titles in the last two seasons. The question is, can the refreshed talent squad secure a historic three-peat in the POWER Ligaen?

alexsomfan: I Have Mixed Feelings About the Group Stage

Coach of the Danish squad, Alexander "alexsomfan" Nielsen, expresses mixed feelings about the upcoming group stage of the domestic league:

- I have mixed feelings about the group stage. Unfortunately, many of our major competitors on the Danish scene have dropped out, so the level could be lower than in previous seasons, but that shouldn't fool us.

- The Danish scene is filled with great individual players, so if we approach the matches complacently, we can quickly be surprised and lose a couple of foolish games or two.

What are your ambitions for the group stage?

- For the group stage, our main goal is, of course, to advance to the playoffs. We're currently navigating a hectic schedule with numerous official matches from other tournaments, where the stakes are considerably higher than the Power League group stage. 

- So, it's all about managing the pressure and adeptly juggling all the critical matches lined up.

The 24th season of the POWER Ligaen is underway, with the defending champions, the talent team, again partaking.

This could be the third consecutive year that Astralis Talent clinches the title?

- It would indeed be a hat-trick for the organization. However, given that we have four new players compared to the last time Astralis Talent clinched the title, we are approaching it as a fresh and new experience.

- While we all aspire to win, our goal-setting approach diverges from the norm. As a new team, we emphasize the process over the outcome. 

- Setting "winning it all" as the solitary goal creates a binary scenario of victory or disappointment. Instead, we aim to foster growth and unity, recognizing that success is built over time and through consistent effort.

Coming home recently from a successful trip to Romania and the World Esports Championships and announcing participation in both Thunderpick World Championship 2023 and CCT East Europe Series 2 Closed Qualifier, the talent lineup is more than ready to get more official matches under their skin.