Another Grand Final Awaits

Another Grand Final Awaits

Yesterday, December 13th, our Talent roster played themselves into the Grand Final of POWER LIGAEN by beating Tricked 2-0.

POWER Ligaen is the best CS:GO League in Denmark and is currently running its 21st season.

During the Group Stage, we won twice against Tricked, the first match with a 16-8 score and a month later we won 16-14.

Because of achieving second place in the Group Stage, we directly qualified for the Semi-Final.


Tricked chose Overpass as the first map, which they were soon to regret.

As Counter-Terrorists, we annihilated our opponents as we conquered the first half 14-1.

It was a short run as T's because of our great start to the map, which we won 16-1.

Securing LAN Finals

We continued the madness on our map pick, Ancient, as we won the first seven rounds in a row until Tricked managed to win their first.

At 11-4, we switched to the CT side and instantly collected four rounds in a row, at least securing overtime.

We didn't need the additional rounds since we managed to close it out 16-9.

Especially Altekz and Kristou fought for a spot in the Grand Final by achieving ratings of 1.51 and 1.48 on Ancient.

The Astralis Talent team plays the Grand Final on Saturday, December 17th, at 20:00 CET on LAN.

The opponent is MASONIC, who we recently beat in the Energive Cup 2022 Final.

Tournament Information:

Tournament: POWER Ligaen S21 Playoffs
Prize pool: $10,500
Dates: December 13th + December 17th
Format: Single Elimination Bo3
Livestream: TV2 PLAY (Danish)

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