Astralis and Amnesty International Presents: Ember Cup

Astralis and Amnesty International Presents: Ember Cup
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In the summer of 2021, Astralis joined forces with the human rights organization Amnesty International Denmark. The aim was to form a common front to support positive and inclusive gaming culture and combat online hatred and abusive behavior. The collaboration now culminates in a brand new CS:GO tournament focusing on good behavior: the Ember Cup.

The Ember Cup consists of four Saturdays with online qualifications, an online semi-final, and the big final, which takes place physically on the Astralis Nexus in the heart of Copenhagen. Everyone under the age of 16 is welcome to participate, regardless of level - the purpose is to have fun and enjoy a safe atmosphere. It is also free to participate! At Astralis Nexus, there is a competition for great prizes from Astralis' partners: Omen, Capgemini, Hummel, and Power.

All participants will receive a parenting guide prepared by Amnesty and Astralis. The parent guide is reviewed by the participant with his or her parents before participating in the Ember Cup. The parent guide encourages dialogue about how to behave towards others online, and at the same time, works to promote the parents' understanding of the child's interest in the game. Of course, it can also be used as a good tool, even if you do not participate in the competition.

Astralis has, after dialogue with several of the country's esports associations, been overwhelmed by the support for the initiative. Together with Amnesty International Denmark, we strive to make a positive impact in the gaming community, and with Ember Cup, we hope to leave a lasting effect on the gamers of the future.