Astralis and Bubzkji Agree To Terminate Contract

Astralis and Bubzkji Agree To Terminate Contract

Bubzkji is free

Today, Astralis and Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen have agreed to terminate the contract, which means the player is free to sign with another team or organization with no further obligation to Astralis.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports:

- Despite joining us in a difficult time, being in and out of the team and only rarely playing his favorite position, Lucas has played a significant role in Astralis over the past two years. - He has been loyal and a true professional throughout his time with Astralis and it would have been difficult for us to maintain a solid level during a time with players on leave and the ongoing development of our set-up.

- It never turned out to what we all hoped it would and I am glad we have found a solution giving Lucas free hands to find the best possible solution for his future. He has always delivered when called upon and we owe Lucas a big thank you and best of luck with his future endeavors. He will always be a highly valued part of our history, says Hvidt.

In the immediate future, the Danish Counter-Strike fans will be able to see much more of Bubzkji as he will be joining Danish National Broadcaster, Tv2, as an Expert Commentator.