Astralis and Go Mate in new, innovative partnership

July 6, 2022
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With famous footballer Sergio Aguero as investor and esports organization Astralis as partner, plant-based energy drink company Go Mate has launched a new line of all-natural energy drinks designed to support sustained performance and focus as well as a healthy power down without the intense peaks and crashes energy drinks often bring about.

The new "Relax" drink featuring one of Astralis' mascots

Guido Rosales, Co-Founder & CEO of Go Mate

- With Go Mate, we introduce a better, natural, healthier energy alternative. By using a brain-boosting blend of natural nootropics and an ancient infusion of antioxidants and nutrients in the form of Yerba Mate, we bring holistic good energy to those who want to up their game in a more natural way than traditional products.

- We are delighted to work alongside Sergio Aguero, who has for years proven himself on the highest at the highest level as a football player and managing his gaming club KRU, and the Astralis organization, an international front-runner in esports. They both bring a lot of experience to the table supporting our global ambitions.

- Astralis is the first of many teams and players in the competitive space to be a part of our growth plans, just like we will be nurturing a wide range of upcoming streamers and grassroots competitive gamers. They will all be a part of our movement to change the world of energy drinks in gaming, Rosales says.

The new "Awake" drink featuring one of Astralis' mascots

Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director in Astralis

- In Astralis we always seek to do things differently. We have professionalized esports and the view of players as professional athletes, and while we always strive to be the best version of ourselves, we always focus on the positive aspects of gaming. Go Mate shares this attitude, and we are proud to enter a partnership of this size and kind with a company like Go Mate.

- Go Mate will not only have exposure on our digital channels and in campaigns as we are also working towards launching an Astralis branded product line later in the year. Go Mate, including the Astralis Edition with our unique design, will be available online in most key markets, and we believe there is a huge potential for a product line built and designed by gamers and professionals with the ambition and values of Go Mate, Sindt comments.

Sergio Aguero, Chief Visionary Officer at Go Mate and founder of KRU Gaming Club

- As competitive gaming continues to grow, it’s key that we help gamers to thrive, and energy drinks which contain high amounts of caffeine and taurine don’t do that. We want to set a precedent where brain-boosting drinks can both pep up and calm down gamers, and the use of nootropics means that we are perfectly positioned to do that. We are thrilled, that partners such as Astralis are supporting our ambition and commitment to the industry, Aguero comments.

While Go Mate Awake delivers sustained performance, increased focus, and heightened mental agility, Go Mate Relax gives gamers the opportunity to have a healthy power-down, helping them to recharge, unwind and rebalance. The Special Edition, which immortalises Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero with a unique character and collectable can, can be pre-ordered already, while the Astralis Edition will be launched in early fall.

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