Astralis and hummel in New Collaboration with Danish Streetwear Brand Sauna

May 31, 2024
steen laursen

Since the birth of the organization in 2016, Astralis has been known for challenging the existing and setting new standards for the professionalization of esports. Now, together with main partner hummel, the Danish pioneers have teamed up with the up-and-coming streetwear brand SAUNA for a limited volume summer edition of the iconic Astralis players' jersey, celebrating esports' impact in street- and youth culture.

Not only designed for the biggest arenas but also for the music festival, the beach, the local wine bar, and for everyday wear.

A variety of sizes are still available in these webshops linked below:

Homage to the Classics

The bordeaux rouge color in itself is new in the Astralis universe, but the connection to the team's royal blue jerseys and the classic red star in the logo is evident. The timeless collar pays homage to some of the greatest designs in the world of traditional sports, and for the first time, the jersey bears a number on the back; number 16, representing the year of Astralis' foundation.

The varsity jacket and the cap, also included in the new collection have further references to Astralis' history, but fundamentally, the jersey is not only about Astralis; it's a tribute to fans of all kinds.

Mads Rasmussen, Partnerships Director, Astralis:

"Astralis is the most winning Counter-Strike team of all times, but over the years we have grown to be so much more. Since the beginning, we have strived to set new standards in and outside the server, and this new collection is a visual and wearable proof of our ambitions."

"By collaborating with a young, up-and-coming streetwear brand like Sauna, based upon the quality and traditions of hummel, we believe we aim to embrace the performance culture that is deeply rooted in our DNA, while also celebrating all the positives of the gaming- and youth culture, we’re a part of."

"In the end, it’s all about positive vibes, enjoying the summer and being a part of a great, global community," Rasmussen says.

Morten Lund, Marketing Director, hummel

"This new summer collection is the culmination of a unique collaboration between hummel, Astralis, and Sauna, combining fashion with esports. Together, we have created something truly special that honors our heritage and embraces new, creative paths within youth culture."

"Our focus has been on designing not simply a player jersey but an experience speaking to both the athletic and fashion-concious youth across cultures and generations. We're excited about this new collaboration and can't wait to see fans of all ages wearing the new designs with pride this summer."

Sylvester M. Jægergaard, Partner & Creative Director, SAUNA

"SAUNA's drive for creating and exploring new grounds is at the heart of this partnership."

"With a shared belief in the motto "To the Stars", this collaboration bridges the gap between esports and streetwear, paving the ways for others to follow.”

The collection will be available from May 31st.

  • The player jersey can be purchased at the official Astralis webshop, while the entire collection, including the varsity jacket and cap, can be bought at the Sauna webshop.
  • The jersey will also be available to fans at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 in London from June 12th to June 16th.

On June 1st, the collection will be launched physically at Astralis Nexus, the team's flagship store and events space in the heart of Copenhagen.