Astralis and Shikenso establish commercial data partnership

Astralis and Shikenso establish commercial data partnership

Astralis have entered a partnership with data platform Shikenso who becomes our provider of data when it comes to commercial value and brand exposure generated across our teams on social media and streaming platforms.  

Based on the brand exposure the team provides to its partners through streaming and social media channels, Shikenso’s best-in-class AI tools will provide a deeper understanding of the performance of our team's partnerships. The insights gained from measuring sponsorship performance will help our data-driven decision-making by enabling data-based benchmarking, optimization and troubleshooting, ultimately benefitting our commercial partners.

Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director at Astralis

- From day one, our vision has been to create a globally recognized and iconic gaming brand, engaging with fans and gamers across borders and on all levels. We strive to always push our commercial partnerships forward and create additional value by working systematically with the best insights and analytics in the industry.

- We base our commercial decisions on facts rather than feelings, and on insight rather than gut feelings. Shikenso will help us elevate our game in this area even further, enabling us to pinpoint exactly which activities drive the most commercial value for Astralis and our partners.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO of Shikenso

- Astralis has proven to be an essential part of today's esports ecosystem, not only through its success but even more so by its pioneering spirit, passion for the industry and dedication to encourage and promote new talent.

- To be able to work with an organisation of this calibre is an extraordinary mission that we are more than looking forward to!"

About Shikenso GmbH

Shikenso GmbH is a Germany based analytics company working in the esports and gaming industry. By using artificial intelligence, the company enables representatives of the industry to evaluate and control their investments, sponsorships, and marketing activities in a sustainable way and furthermore creates a more transparent ecosystem towards endemic and non-endemic brands. Branded content or sponsorship assets are analyzed throughout live-streaming and social media platforms to exploit the full potential of every engagement and boost performance with reliable data.

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