Astralis brings in “ruggah”

February 28, 2024

Casper "ruggah" Due takes over as head coach for Astralis a month ahead of schedule as with immediate effect, he takes over from the intermediate coach, Mathias "R0nic" Pinholt, who will be released from his duties.

Casper Due comes with extensive experience both as a player and coach, having worked at organizations such as OG, OpTic Gaming and Danish North.

Kasper Straube, sports director:

- I am glad we can bring in "ruggah" a month early. We have a lot of work to do going forward in relation to the management and development of the team, which of course Casper will be an important part of. He brings many of the tools we need and experience from the top level that will make an impact from day one.

- Preparing for the RMR, we all felt that we were on a good path with lots of quality in our practice. It was my assessment we were in good shape to qualify for the Major with the existing set-up and that responsibility is mine. It is also my responsibility, together with the management, the performance and coaching team, that we rise as quickly as possible, and here "ruggah" is an important piece.

- He comes into a team that is suffering right now, but with players of such quality that I have full faith that we will find the formula together. We are working with a number of measures in the sporting area, and the ambitions are intact.

- I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mathias "R0nic" Pinholt for his time at Astralis. He is a young, super loyal coach who has done everything he could for Astralis. It is in no way his responsibility that we are where we are, and I wish him every possible success in the future.

Casper "ruggah" Due:

- As a Danish coach, being signed to Astralis is one of the greatest achievements imaginable. It is an organization that is hugely respected and that never backs down despite headwinds. The ambitions in Astralis are towering in all areas, and although on the team side it has been unfulfilled in the past few years, it is a group of players with a huge potential, I look forward to working with.

- I have had some really constructive conversations with both Kasper Straube and Jan Ø. in relation to the role and the way they and Astralis want to work. I come with a clear philosophy about management, both on the server and in everyday life, and I am convinced that we can elevate the team and reach our ambitions.

- At the same time, I have respect for the fact that it is a task that others have found it difficult to undertake, so while I will make no golden promises, everyone can see the potential in this group and with a strong organization around us, I can’t wait to get started.

Casper "ruggah" Due’s first official day is on Friday, March 1st.