Astralis Eliminated From EPL S16

Astralis Eliminated From EPL S16

On the fifth day of Group C, the group was wide open and Astralis could end up anywhere in the group depending on different results.

Most notably we could secure a Playoffs spot ourselves by beating Heroic regardless of other outcomes.

We initiated the match on Heroic's map pick Overpass, which lasted 36 rounds until a winner was found. Fortunately for us, the whole team contributed to a 19-17 victory with blameF and k0nfig as the front figures with 31 and 28 kills respectively.

With the team fired up after winning Heroic's map pick, it was time for our map pick, Inferno. Despite a good fight from the team, map 2 resulted in a close 12-16 defeat.

It all came down to the wire on the third and final map, Nuke. With an almost tied win percentage on the map from both teams it was expected to be intense - and indeed it was. We lost 13-16 after a nerve-racking match, where Heroic unfortunately came out on top.

Final Results In Group C

  1. MOUZ - 12 points
  2. Heroic - 12 points
  3. Complexity - 9 points
  4. Astralis - 6 points
  5. ENCE - 3 points
  6. HEET - 3 points

That concludes our journey in this season of ESL Pro League, whereas a top 3 finish in the group stage was needed in order to continue.