Astralis Group Hires Samantha Yu As New CMO

Astralis Group Hires Samantha Yu As New CMO
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Astralis Group hires Samantha Yu as new CMO

Astralis Group continues to expand its organization and can today announce that from February 1st, Samantha Yu will be joining the publicly listed esports company in a new role as Chief Marketing Officer.

As Vice President of Brand & Integrated Marketing at Refinery29 International, a part of VICE Media Group, since 2015, Samantha Yu has been responsible for brand building in Europe and connecting major brand partners with the organization’s global audience.

In Astralis Group, Samantha will be responsible for the Content and Digital group, working closely with the Commercial team and Communications. Samantha will join the leadership and report to CEO, Anders Hørsholt, who looks forward to welcoming Samantha.  

Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis Group:

- We are expanding the organization in key areas and the addition of Samantha Yu as CMO is done to further strengthen the Astralis brand globally. With her background, education and career in Hong Kong, Boston, New York and London, her experience, insight and international perspective will be a strong addition to the organization. She will supercharge our commercial efforts and partnerships, as well as our ability to connect with the growing number of Astralis fans around the world on existing and new platforms.  

- Samantha will be a part of our leadership and along with our strong management team and incoming Commercial Director, she will be responsible for building a scalable commercial platform and bringing us even closer to stakeholders in existing and new markets.

- The pandemic has been a challenge and affected our business negatively, but in a broader perspective, esports will come out strong when the markets re-open. Viewership numbers and general exposure is up, our fanbase has continued the growth across all markets and despite the limitations of online tournaments, we have seen the resilience of the industry as a whole. Through the recent additions and restructuring of certain areas, we are preparing to grow our business and the organization to take new, important steps in the business development of Astralis Group.

- I am extremely pleased we have been able to attract a capacity like Samantha, says Hørsholt.

Samantha Yu, incoming CMO of Astralis Group:

- My focus over the last eight years has been connecting with audiences and brands in innovative and impactful ways. Coming from the world's largest independent youth media company, I've seen the powerful role that esports and gaming play in culture.  

- Esports is the fastest growing part of the entertainment industry, with hundreds of millions of viewers and fans worldwide. This opens for opportunities to engage audiences with new brand experiences, and I'm extremely excited to join Astralis Group, one of the frontrunners in the esports industry, to shape those connections with the fans. 

- I will join Astralis Group shortly after Astralis' five-year anniversary with extreme respect for what the team has accomplished and a genuine curiosity for how we — both within the company and with our current and future partners — can collaboratively further the brand mission to champion the positive power of gaming and esports.  

- After many years in the digital media and lifestyle space, and having split that time across countries, I am excited to bring a unique perspective and to contribute to the international outlook of the organization as it grows further into a globally recognized and iconic entertainment brand.  

- The team at Astralis Group is incredibly impressive. I'm energised by the skills, passion and ambition of the organisation and look forward to being a part of its journey #ToTheStars, says Samantha Yu.

Samantha will join the Astralis Group top management with direct reference to CEO Anders Hørsholt. Samantha will be heading the Digital Content group and will work closely with Founder and CRO Jakob Lund Kristensen, Director of Communications Steen Laursen and the incoming Commercial Director, Kasper Sindt.

Samantha Yu, CV:

2012 - BA, Sociology, Harvard University
2015 - Refinery29, Director Brand Experiences
2017 - Refinery29, Senior Director, Strategy & Client Services
2019 - VP, Brand & Integrated Marketing