Astralis in a tight spot after Vitality loss

Astralis in a tight spot after Vitality loss

Despite a dominating opening in the first match on Overpass, Astralis saw themselves beat to the Frenchmen.

The first match on Overpass had in-game leader gla1ve lead the team into a strong 5-0 lead. Afterward, Vitality retaliated, showing why they had picked Overpass closing the first half 6:9. At the beginning of the second half with Astralis on the T-side, another strong start from the Danes was initiated. However, it was not enough to beat the Frenchmen, ending the first match 9:16.

In the deciding second game, Astralis had a slow start with the first half going 4:11. Despite a strong performance from the new AWPer Lucky, Astralis' top fragger of the match, the team ended the series in a dire 0:2 loss.

This week's final match is against Danish Heroic, who have dominated the group thus far, not losing a single game against their opponents. For Astralis to continue to playoffs, they will have to beat Heroic and hope Bad News Bear beat ENCE in the preceding match to avoid a tiebreaker in ENCE's favor.

All matches are streamed live in Astralis Nexus, for all fans to come and see all week.

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