Astralis in collab with Danish authorities to prevent firework accidents in youth-segment

Astralis in collab with Danish authorities to prevent firework accidents in youth-segment
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This year, the Danish official firework safety guidelines have been translated into gaming language by Astralis Talent and the Danish Safety Technology Authority. The goal is for this year's catchphrase to be "Always use face armor" so that the protection glasses are always worn. Two thousand limited edition safety glasses will be available at Astralis Nexus and other net cafes across Denmark.

During the previous News Years Eve, 6 out of 10 fireworks injuries occurred for children and young people under 25. It is mainly younger boys and men who forget glasses and run with the boring first place in the injury statistics every year.

Danish Safety Technology Authority and Astralis in collaboration

Therefore, the Danish Safety Technology Authority has joined forces with Astralis in the fight for the boys' attention. Several campaign films with Astralis Talent focus on what is at stake if you do not care for yourself and your team on New Year's Eve. The boys' mobility, eyes, and fingers - the most important weapons for gaming - are at stake.

The players from Astralis Talent focus on the most critical fireworks advice. 'Always wear glasses' has been turned into: Always use face armor, and 'keep a good distance from fireworks' have received a CS modification to: 'Fall back, team.'

Head of Communications Mette Thorn, Danish Safety Technology Authority

- Astralis has translated our current fireworks tips to fit into the gaming universe. They speak directly to the young boys, who have complete control over the rhetoric within gaming. We hope that the modified tips will become popular in the near future so that everyone keeps their distance and wears glasses near fireworks.

Protection glasses, or 'face armor,' have a central role in the campaign, as the Danish Safety Technology Authority has produced limited edition glasses - for real gamers. The glasses are designed as an edgy alternative to the traditional glasses and can be picked up free of charge at online cafés across the country.

Steen Laursen, Communication Director, Astralis

- Astralis is very much about embracing the positives of gaming and using our position to make a real difference. We are proud to work with the Danish Safety Technology Authority (SIK) and be a part of a national campaign to help especially younger people get through the New Year celebrations without hurting themselves or their friends.

- As a part of the campaign, SIK has developed and produced the "Face Armor" protection glasses, which can be picked up for free at a range of locations all over the country. In Astralis, we help distribute the glasses by setting up a pick-up station in Astralis Nexus, where everybody can come by to get a pair.

The campaign goes live on on December 15 and runs until New Year's Eve.

The five fireworks advice

  1. Always wear glasses
  2. Keep a safe distance and do not lean over the fireworks
  3. Never hold lit fireworks in your hand
  4. Use only approved and never homemade or illegal fireworks
  5. Never go back to a dud