Astralis in collaboration with The Play

Astralis in collaboration with The Play

The most legendary Astralis plays - now designed for your wall.

Today on January 18, we are launching a series of posters, in collaboration with The Play. Now, you can hang a piece of CS:GO history in your home.

In the future, we will capture the most crazy moments as they happen across our Counter-Strike teams, and make them available in The Play's online store.

You can find the Astralis collection on The Play's website right here.

gla1ve holding his play from 2019 against Heroic. Link.

For this launch, we have gathered some of the most iconic plays through the years, in the collection "ASTRALIS 2023 EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION".

dev1ce holding a legendary ninja defuse from Xyp9x in their match against North in IEM 2018. Link.
Aurora with gla1ve's ace on Inferno against Heroic in the Pro League semifinal. Link.

To celebrate our 7th birthday tomorrow, we're also giving away 7 carefully selected posters. All you have to do to participate is to sign up for our newsletter, by pressing the button below.