Astralis Is Out Of Contention For The 2021 Major

Astralis Is Out Of Contention For The 2021 Major

For the first time since 2018, the yearly CS:GO major will be without Astralis contending for the trophy.

After a close elimination series against Vitality, Astralis have accumulated three losses in the Legends stage. They are, therefore, out of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Despite the team's best efforts, the Frenchmen had the upper hand, where Vitality AWPer 'ZywOo' was a significant threat throughout the series.

The first map was Astralis-picked Nuke, where a dominant CT-side from Vitality caused a 4-11 scoreline after the first half. The map concluded 10-16, moving onto Vitality's map pick, Vertigo.

On Vertigo, Astralis regained their pace, outmaneuvering Vitality by a narrow margin and winning the map 16-14.

The final and deciding battle was fought on Dust 2. Tensions rose with each team fighting to stay in the tournament. Still, after many clutch plays and incredible retakes from both sides, Vitality managed to best the 4-time major champions and close the match 16-13.