Astralis Nexus and RIOT Invite Fans to MSI Viewing Party

May 18, 2023

On Sunday, May 21st, Astralis Nexus, in an official partnership with RIOT, invites all gaming fans and enthusiasts to an exclusive MSI Viewing Party at Denmark's most entertaining and modern gaming center.

Attendees can prepare to witness the captivating actions of some of the world's top League of Legends teams as they compete in one of the most significant tournaments of the year, all displayed on Astralis Nexus' impressive 100-inch screen.

A dedicated bar will be arranged within the gaming center's auditorium, ensuring every participant can savor the thrilling gameplay moments.

Astralis Nexus is one of seven venues hosting the MSI viewing Party in Scandinavia.

Read more about the MSI Viewing Party right here.

League Unlocked

At Astralis Nexus, an unwavering commitment to quality is upheld, exemplified by the status as a Riot Unlocked partner. This partnership grants access to all the champions and nearly all the skins available in the game!

Showing up to the MSI viewing party at Astralis Nexus grants you the following privileges:

  • Access to the MSI viewing party.
  • Three hours of gaming time credited to your Nexus account (which can be swiftly created upon arrival in two minutes).
  • The chance to win enticing prizes from Riot and MSI.
  • Participation in a League of Legends competition where you can compete for great rewards from Astralis Nexus and Riot Games.
  • Guests are invited to arrive as early as 11 am, granting plenty of time for queuing before the official start of the tournament at 1 pm.

Astralis Nexus, placed in the heart of Copenhagen, is:

  • 1,200 SQM Gaming and Event Center
  • 100+ Pro gaming stations
  • 4 VIP Gaming Rooms
  • Streaming Studios
  • 300 SQM Astralis Fan store
  • Auditorium for viewing parties, education, and events
  • Big event patio with a view over Tivoli Gardens
  • The most modern, safest, and most entertaining Gaming Space in the Nordics

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