Astralis R6 goes 1 for 1 in their first week of the North American League

September 16, 2021

Astralis newly acquired team in Rainbow Six has played their first two matches in the North American League.

Astralis R6 played both games on September 8. The first one against XSET, with a convincing 7:3 victory to our new Rainbow Six team.

Astralis managed a potent offense and defense on the map ‘Coastline.’ Iconic led the scoreboard with impressive 11 kills and seven deaths.

The second match commenced just 1 hour after the first had ended, with Astralis up against Soniqs on map ‘Chalet.’ Here, Soniqs showed an impressive offensive form, causing Astralis to lose the match 3:7.

The next showdown will happen on September 14 against Oxygen Esports. The full schedule can be found on