Astralis Rainbow 6 ends on high note – thank you to all involved!

February 22, 2023

As a result of the development of the league agreement, the conditions for running a healthy team organization in Rainbow 6 have deteriorated significantly. Therefore, with regret, Astralis today announces the organization’s withdrawal from Rainbow 6 and further participation in the North American League.

Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis

- We entered into Rainbow 6 and the North American League with high ambitions and the best of intentions, and our US organization has done everything humanly possible to meet these ambitions. However, despite the dedicated and extremely loyal efforts of everybody involved, the development and lack of prospects in the league regrettably make it impossible for us to continue.

It has been truly amazing to feel the passion for the game among the fans and everybody involved - Anders Hørsholt

- The team and organization have managed to pull off some amazing results with a Major Grand Final and the recent top 4 in the Six Invitational as highlights while working hard to grow the fanbase and our digital platforms.

- It has been truly amazing to feel the passion for the game among the fans and everybody involved, and we have turned every stone to find a way to continue operations. This includes an open and constructive dialogue with Ubisoft, during which all parties were looking for possible ways to move forward.

- We appreciate all the efforts made, but unfortunately, we did not find a solution where we could continue operations while meeting our obligations and standards regarding working conditions for our staff and players.

- So today, we end our Rainbow 6 adventure. The performance of our team at the Six Invitational and the love we received from the fans do not exactly make it easier to share this announcement, but on the other hand, what better way to go out than on top of our game.

- Thank you to everybody involved who made our time in Rainbow 6 something truly special, including management, staff, volunteers, competitors, and fans. It has been an amazing run!
Astralis US Inc remains in function to maintain Astralis’ position in North America in connection with potential future activity.