Astralis sign Forrest

March 2, 2022

Astralis is proud to announce Roman "Forrest" Breaux as our newest player. Forrest is a mechanical engineering major and began his competitive career in 2019 with Astralis' Coach, Seth "Callout" Mik.'

Clearly, he is hungry for success - Mark Flood

After spending 2 seasons at the pro-level, Forrest has spent the last year refining his skill set as one of the top-rated Challenger League players. He's motivated and hungry to prove that he not only belongs at the top level, but can thrive.

Mark Flood, Director of Operations, Astralis North America

- We are always watching talent in CL. Forrest is a guy who's been a consistent top performer there.
- A lot of guys, after they have some hardship, just quit. But Forrest stuck with the game even though there wasn't a serious financial motivation. That means a lot to us. Clearly, he is hungry for success.