Astralis Signs Analyst ‘LOMME’ to Counter-Strike Team

Astralis Signs Analyst ‘LOMME’ to Counter-Strike Team
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Today, Astralis announced the signing of 28-year-old Frederik ‘LOMME’ Nielsen as Analyst for the CS:GO team, where Alexander ‘ave’ Holdt has recently taken over as coach.

The signing is part of an upgrade to the performance organization around the Counter-Strike team.

LOMME comes from the European team ‘ENCE’ where he also worked as an analyst after a year-long period as a coach for Danish team ‘Heroic’.

A strong tactical addition, according to Kasper Hvidt

- We're in the process of upgrading our organization surrounding the Counter-Strike team, and one of the ways we're doing this is bringing in Frederik 'LOMME' Nielsen.

- Frederik brings immense tactical knowledge, strategic insight, and an impressive ability to convey his information in an easily understandable manner.

- Frederik also knows our new Head Coach, 'ave,' and we're expecting to see great synergy between the two moving forward.

A long time dream for LOMME

- Getting signed by Astralis is what almost every Dane involved in CS dreams of, and I am super excited to be here.

- It will be fantastic to work alongside so many talented players and staff, most of whom I have worked with previously at different times in my career.

- I think I’ll be able to support ‘Ave’ with a lot of tactical input and preparations ahead of games, and I’m looking very much forward to shaping the ‘new’ Astralis with him.

Thank you to ENCE for making this possible already now