Astralis Talent: casle joins as coach, vigg0 leaves roster

August 31, 2022
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As our Counter-Strike talent roster prepares for the upcoming season, a few changes come with it. Peter Toftbo Ardenskjold ("casle") will be relieving Andreas" MODDII" Fridh, taking on the role of coach. We also say thank you for the long and faithful service to Victor" vigg0" Bisgaard, who has decided to pursue another path, which we'd like to honor.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sport
- We'd like to thank Andreas for his work with Astralis Talent. We've seen very respectable results, and he has provided a lot of valuable insights.
- We'd also like to thank vigg0 for his long tenure on our talent roster. vigg0 won't be leaving the Astralis organization entirely, though, as he will continue his job at our gaming and event center, Astralis Nexus.

Peter Toftbo Ardenskjold ("casle")
- I'm thrilled to join the journey as coach on Astralis Talent.
- I'm looking forward to developing the future of Counter-Strike talent, and I'm confident we can accomplish many great things with the constellation that Astralis provides.

casle will be stepping in immediately and has already begun looking for a replacement to vigg0.