Astralis Talent League Of Legends Awarded For Strong Performance

March 8, 2021

MVP and Top 3s

The first ever Telia Esports Series has been concluded and with that, the first ever tournament of the Astralis Talent League of Legends team is over as well.

It was an intense run with ups and downs but in the end, both coaches and players delivered some remarkable performances. In fact, Astralis Talent Coach, Mikkel 'Donby' was awarded Coach MVP of the split.

Top Laner Carl 'Carlsen' reached the Top 3 of the best Top Laners in the spilt, while Mikkel 'Mixsi' was named the second best Jungler of the tournament. The Mid Lane MVP scores saw Astralis' Mikkel 'Rylle' place third, just like Kasper 'Kadaver' secured Top 3 of the Bot Laners.

This being the results of their first official tournament, everyone involved with the Talent League of Legends team can be incredibly proud going forward.