Astralis Talent Pick Up MVP

September 6, 2022
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Following our recent coach signing with Peter "casle", we are adding our fifth and final player and have signed previous POWER Liga MVP Patrick "patti" Larsen for the remainder of 2022.

Peter ”casle” Ardenskjold

- "patti" bring in a lot of experience, which I'm sure we will be able to benefit greatly from in the next few months. I'm thrilled we have managed to sign "patti" so fast, which means we can start our journey quicker than expected.

Patrick "patti" Larsen

- I was very excited when Astralis offered me a chance to play under their name, and I am sure I will be able to contribute much knowledge to the team.

Patrick "patti" Larsen, 24, steps in immediately on Astralis Talent.