Astralis Talent signs Alexander "tOPZ" Miklagard

November 29, 2023

As a replacement for Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen, who was sold to the Danish organization Espionage on Monday, Astralis Talent now brings in 20-year-old Alexander "tOPZ" Miklagard.

Alexander has until recently played for Preasy Esport, where he earlier in the moth was benched.

Jan Ø Jørgensen, performance manager:

"The timing couldn't be much better. There has been good interest in 'MistR' on several occasions and we have considered different options for a replacement. When the interest from Espionage became real, Alexander 'tOPZ' suddenly became available, and he is a real good fit to what we want to do with the with the team."

"We want to play with a squad of young players that we can develop and help make interesting, while also include players with a bit more experience to secure a balance in the team. That is one reason why we are happy to welcome 'tOPZ', who is a good match for the team both in terms of playing style and personality."

"I would like to thank the people at Preasy for working both quickly and professionally in relation to the change here. It has been a pleasure working with the organization."

Alexander "tOPZ" Miklagard:

"I am super happy that Astralis has shown this kind of interest, and I am just glad it worked out. I am all about playing, getting more experience and to develop as a player, and my impression is that I can do precisely that in this organization and with the team. At least that is what history shows. Of course, it will be special to play with the star on my chest, but I'm just looking forward to getting started and haven't really thought about much else."

"There isn't much time, because we already have Danish league finals this weekend, so it's just a matter of getting started. That way you also get to know your teammates right away. Of course, I hope we go far this weekend, but mostly I'm just happy to be here."

Alexander "tOPZ" changes on a free transfer according to agreement with Preasy.