Astralis Talent Triumphs in POWER Ligaen Season 22

March 22, 2023
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On March 21, Astralis Talent secured a significant victory in the grand final of POWER Ligaen Season 22, winning 2-0 against CEPTER BITSKINS. This win highlights our players' incredible talent and determination and emphasizes the crucial role of teamwork, strategy, and communication in their success.

In an exhilarating grand final, Astralis Talent went head-to-head with CEPTER BITSKINS, showcasing their exceptional skills and ultimately claiming a decisive 2-0 victory. The match results were as follows:

  • Mirage: 16-7 win
  • Ancient: 16-5 win

Our players put forth their best efforts, with br0 earning the prestigious MVP medal for his outstanding performance throughout the tournament. Altekz and MistR also exhibited exceptional skills, making this the tightest MVP race in POWER Ligaen history.

Team coach, "R0nic," shared his thoughts on the winning streak and the team's dynamics:

- We're in a surreal period right now, playing incredibly well because we all stick to our agreements, keep our spirits high, and prepare thoroughly each time. When we formed the team, we promised to always give 100% and help each other maintain a positive atmosphere, no matter what. Having each other's back means everything, and it's a massive factor in our ability to play as consistently as we do.

... we've raised our base level so much and minimized the fluctuations we may have experienced before - R0nic

- We enter all matches confident that we can beat any team as long as we're on our game. It helps tremendously that we've raised our base level so much and minimized the fluctuations we may have experienced before.

- Now, it's about staying focused and keeping the momentum going. We've had a demanding period, playing almost every day and often multiple matches. We still have three tournaments left before our Easter break, which we're fully focused on."

- With that said, we're all looking forward to a break so we can recharge and continue refining our gameplay and strategies."

We want to congratulate our Counter-Strike talents for their remarkable performance in POWER Ligaen Season 22. As we continue to support and nurture this gifted group of individuals, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their journey.