Astralis Teams Up With (RED) For COVID Fundraiser

Astralis Teams Up With (RED) For COVID Fundraiser
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Astralis participates in global COVID relief fundraiser with Bono's organization (RED)

Wednesday, December 1, Astralis teams up with Bono's charity organization (RED) and a line-up of international streamers, YouTubers, and other influencers for a month-long fundraising campaign for COVID relief.

The campaign launches with the Creator Cup where Astralis Fortnite star Th0masHD participates with live-streaming from Astralis Nexus.

Benjamin Boraghi, Marketing Director, Astralis:

- Creator Cup gathers creators from all corners of gaming and online entertainment and naturally we are proud to take part in such an important event with the sole purpose of raising funds for the international fight against COVID.

- The fact that Astralis was invited to an event like this is a big kudos to us and it shows the kind of pull of latest signing, Th0masHD, has. In Fortnite, he is the one everyone predicts to be the next World Champion and we are happy to take advantage of that position to make an important difference.

Aside from Th0masHD, the event has names like Krinios, Nihachu, Gee Nelly, Miaxmon, dev1ce, Legundo Loony and many others.

Fans and viewers can donate in a number of ways, e.g. through the players' livestreams.

You can follow Th0masHD's livestream directly here: YouTube, Twitch

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