Sent to Lower Bracket after Defeat in Close Play-in Opener

Sent to Lower Bracket after Defeat in Close Play-in Opener
  • Date: January 31, 2024
  • Tournament: IEM Katowice 2024 Play-in
  • Format: Best-of-one (BO1)
  • Stage: Play-ins
  • Opponent: Heroic (Denmark)
  • Result: 0-1 (11-13 on Mirage)

The main team saw their IEM Katowice begin in a riveting match on the iconic map Mirage as they faced Heroic. The virtual battleground was set, and both teams were determined to assert their dominance in this intense showdown. Unfortunately, the Danes saw their opponent draw the longest straw in what turned out to be a close fight.

Off to a rough start

Heroic seized the pistol round and dominated the first four rounds. However, known for resilience, the Danish quintet mounted a comeback with strategic adjustments and precise plays, turning the tide with four round wins in a row. The first half saw blameF and co. get the advantage going into the second half on their T-side.

What the loss doesn't show is some of the brilliant plays by Jakob "jabbi" Nygaard and Martin "Stavn" Lund.

Along with jabbi, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz had an excellent CT-side with numerous round-winning plays and clutches

  • jabbi had an ADR of 78.5 with dev1ce mounting a monstrous 104.3 ADR
  • None of the Danes finished with negative k-d diffs. 

Difficult second half on a tricky map

The tides of Mirage are known to be fickle, so going into the second half with a 7-5 score does not automatically result in a win. Once again, Heroic took home the pistol round and quickly secured a 7-7 score. On what proved to be a difficult T-side, the Danes unfortunately did not manage to win more than four rounds, which resultet in an 4-8 half in favour of their opponents.

The loss is, of course, unfortunate, but with a BO3 against ENCE coming up soon, there is as always more to fight for and more great plays to be played.

Although they lost, the main team dominated in many fields of the match:

  • jabbi had the most kills (24) and the best overall rating (1.43)
  • dev1ce had the most AWP kills (11) and the most first kills (6)
  • and stavn managed most assists with 7

What's next?

  • On February 1st, the main team faces ENCE in a vital Bo3 at 16.30 CET for a chance at moving further through the brackets to qualify for the main tournament