Astralis with Danish Women's Team: Long-Term Project with Younger Players

Astralis with Danish Women's Team: Long-Term Project with Younger Players

In late summer 2022, Astralis launched its first all-women's team in Counter-Strike. Now, the Danish organization is taking the next step in development by building the next version of the women's team, primarily consisting of young Danish players with the ultimate aim to be a part of the world elite.

This means that Astralis now say goodbye and thank you for the efforts to the current players and will introduce a new team over the coming weeks, under the continued leadership of team captain Aurora Lyngdal.

Astralis extends their gratitude to everyone who has been part of the women's team up until now. This picture captures the entire women's team actively participating in the Gamebox Festival over the weekend.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports at Astralis:

- First and foremost, I would like to thank the players for their efforts and contribution. We needed to build a team that could compete in major tournaments and be part of a professional organization, and everyone who has been part of the team has done their utmost and will for always be a part of our history and the Astralis Family.

- We are now at a point where we can take the next step and follow the path we have set throughout our CS organization, with a mix of established and talented primarily Danish players who can develop within our organization.

- We will present a team that, in addition to team captain Aurora Lyngdal, will consist of young, talented Danish players with great potential and a desire to be part of Astralis with all that it entails. The goal is to develop a team that can compete at the top level over the coming years. For now, the focus will be to gather a team that, along with the coach and the organization, can build on the Astralis culture, which is about much more than just playing and winning matches.

- I am very pleased that we can continue to build around Aurora, who has a deep understanding of our values and who has been part of Astralis' women's team since before we started. I am equally excited to introduce our new team when everything is in place over the summer.

- We have a very good idea of the direction we want to take regarding the squad, but we will share much more information when everything is finalized. It will be an Astralis team that we will definitely hear much more about in the future, Hvidt comments.

In the upcoming weeks, Astralis will be unveiling an entirely new women's team, with Aurora Lyngdal remaining as the prominent figure. This week, Aurora actively participated in the Gamebox Festival, joining the ranks of other professional CS:GO players from Astralis.

Astralis' new women's team will be presented during the summer, so everything is ready for the next season of the Impact League in August.