Eliminated from BetBoom after Bitter Defeat against FURIA

Eliminated from BetBoom after Bitter Defeat against FURIA
  • Date: December 7th, 2023
  • Tournament: BetBoom Dacha 2023 (LAN)
  • Opponent: FURIA
  • Stage: Group B Elimination match
  • Result: 2-0 loss (17-19 on Mirage), (5-13 on Nuke)

The main team faced FURIA in the crucial elimination match in the BetBoom Dacha tournament to stay in the competition, but with a nail-biting overtime on Mirage and a short visit to Nuke, the Danes didn't manage to claw their way out of the elimination zone, eventually losing to FURIA.

A nerve-racking battle on Mirage takes the game to double overtime.

Starting their battle against elimination, the team began their journey on their opponent’s map pick: Mirage. Here, they managed a first half-time score ending 7-5 in favor of FURIA.

Even after struggling in the first few rounds of the second half, the quintet kept their heads in the game and fought their way back, winning six consecutive rounds. Though unable to convert the last rounds needed for the win, FURIA forced the match into overtime.

A relentless exchange of rounds took the game into a second overtime. Even with the team staying cool and Jabbi topping the charts with an impressive 33 kills, the Danes eventually trembled under pressure and lost the first map 17-19 to FURIA in the second overtime.

Difficult time on Nuke

Even with a noteworthy battle on the first map, the Danish roster could not keep up on their map pick, losing 10-2 in the first half. Despite a great effort to stay in the game in the second half with four more rounds, they eventually unraveled and lost the map 5-13 to FURIA.

Regardless of this loss, the team's newest members, Jakob ‘jabbi’ Nygaard and Martin ‘stavn’ Lund, showed their worth in the team with a remarkable rating on 1.32 for Jabbi on Mirage.

Unfortunately, the Danes were eliminated from the 2023 BetBoom Dacha tournament, which was the team's last tournament of the year. Now, the focus is on returning stronger in 2024.