"br0" sold to Monte

"br0" sold to Monte

Astralis and Monte have today agreed on a transfer that sends Astralis Talent player Alexander "br0" Bro to the Ukrainian esports organization with immediate effect.

One of the goals of Astralis Talent is to create value for all parties by developing players who can take the step up, either in our own organization or via transfers to teams on a higher level than the talent team.

That goal has been achieved by "br0", who began his time with Astralis Talent as a stand-in, and through hard work, talent a desire to develop further, quickly became an important part of the team.

At the same time, it has been crucial to reach a transfer agreement of the right value for Astralis and a new organization with conditions that the player is happy with and wants to be a part of.

This has also been achieved through this agreement, which gives Alexander "br0" the opportunity to play on a team and in an organization that reached the quarter-finals of this year's Major.

We thank Alexander for his time at Astralis and wish him all the best.