Breathless Season Ending

Breathless Season Ending

Following a 3-2 record in the Swiss Stage, we faced Oxygen Esports in the playoffs, who defeated us 2-0.

Our SCS Season 7 Playoffs campaign began yesterday, December 21st, at 02:30 CET in the Quarter-Finals.

We chose Bank as our map pick, but unfortunately, our security system wasn't optimized, as Oxygen Esports stole the show by winning 1-7.

On the second map, Chalet, J90 portrayed an excellent performance with a 1.63 rating and a K/D of 13-7. Despite the great effort, we were beaten 2-7.

The 2-0 defeat means we are out of SCS Season 7.

We appreciate your support throughout the tournament. Thank you!

The Astralis R6 Roster: