Confident kiR: I'm Sure We'll Make a Good Fight

November 13, 2023
  • Date: November 13th 
  • Tournament: POWER ligaen (regular season)
  • Format: Best of 1
  • Opponent: Sashi Esport 19:00 CET 
  • Opponent: MASONIC Academy 20:00 CET
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Monday is matchday in the Danish POWER Ligaen. For the Astralis Talent team, this means two best-of-ones to be played.

In the night's first match, the talents will go head-to-head with Sashi Esport, currently undefeated in this year's POWER Ligaen. Subsequently, the talent squad will face off MASONIC Academy.

kiR: We must be ready from the get-go

We spoke to IGL Andreas "kiR" Kirstein about the upcoming matches, and the Talent roster is confident ahead of playing the current league leader.

"I'm not super nervous about the match against Sashi; we have a better team, in my opinion; it's just a matter of following the mutual in-game agreements on our roster, and then I'm sure we'll make a good fight," kiR says.

The Astralis Talent team is currently tied for third place in Power Ligaen.

kiR elaborated on some of the teams' challenges and how they are actively working to solve them.

"We are playing both Sashi and MASONIC Academy tonight, and it is pretty mixed in terms of pure level. We have the most challenging match against Sashi first, so we must be ready from the get-go. We have had some problems with that in the last few weeks: losing the first match of the day and then winning the second one, beating teams which, on paper, were better than us."

"The decisive factor for tonight is that we show up on the server from the very beginning. We have had a lot of talks with Jan (Jan Ø Jørgensen, Head of Performance) about being ready from the start. I hope we can show the best version of the Astralis Talent team from the beginning of the matchday," kiR notes.

"This season of POWER Ligaen has maybe been a bit disappointing, but still, I have high expectations for us as a team. Yet, we must also remember that our team is young and has learned much from the matches we have already played. We still have opportunities in the playoffs, and only then do we have to play our A game."

"I want to highlight the whole team, as they have all developed a lot over the season. Although the results may not yet show it, we will soon break through to where it's more fun," says the Talents' IGL.