Chasing Glory in POWER Ligaen Playoffs

Chasing Glory in POWER Ligaen Playoffs
  • Date: March 25
  • Tournaments: POWER Ligaen Seaosn 25
  • Stage: Playoffs - Semi-final and Grand Final
  • Match time: 17:30 and 21:00 CET
  • Livestream: Catch all the action at Astralis Watch

Season 25 of POWER Ligaen began two and a half months ago, and today, March 25, at 17:30 CET, the Playoffs are underway.

Andreas "kiR" Kirstein and his squad are set to face XI Esport in the online semi-final, competing from the grand gaming center Astralis Nexus in Copenhagen.

Head to Head

Let's take a look back at the Group Stage. With their impressive performance, the Talents emerged victorious in ten out of the 14 matches, securing the top spot and the best seed for the playoffs. On the other hand, XI Esport won half of their matches, seven out of 14, and secured their place in the semi-finals, finishing fourth in the league.

Keep an eye out for the top performer on each squad, Jason "JBOEN" Boe Nielsen from the Talent roster, and Philip "foam" Nørbæk from XI Esport.

On the other side of the bracket, Sashi faces CEPTER in the second semi-final.

The semi-final winners battle it out shortly after, at 21:00 CET, in the Grand Final. The champion wins the trophy and 8.715 euros in prize money.

Group Stage Statistics

During the fourteen matches, this is how the Talent roster has performed:

Andreas "kiR" Kirstein
  • Rating: 1.09
  • K/D: 1.09
  • HS%: 65%
  • ADR: 79.16
  • KAST: 70.61%

The captain had a solid showing throughout the season while also being the most precise headshot aimer.

Jason "JBOEN" Boe Nielsen
  • Rating: 1.22
  • K/D: 1.35
  • HS%: 33%
  • ADR: 76.99
  • KAST: 72.20%

The squads' sniper has been excellent as he became the highest rated player across all eight teams.

Richart "ANSG1" Saleela Nielsen
  • Rating: 1.05
  • K/D: 1.06
  • HS%: 59%
  • ADR: 72.51
  • KAST: 70.29%

16-year-old ANSG1 prevailed in crucial rounds throughout the season.

Emil "kroK" Wiedemann
  • Rating: 0.97
  • K/D: 0.95
  • HS%: 60%
  • ADR: 81.21
  • KAST: 61.69%

Wounding players and doing damage was kroK's specialty on the team as he had the squads' highest ADR.

Alexander "tOPZ" Dahl Miklagard
  • Rating: 0.98
  • K/D: 1.05
  • HS%: 49%
  • ADR: 73.36
  • KAST: 75.72%

The newest Talent-member, tOPZ, found himself having the highest KAST (Kills/Assist/Survival/Traded), meaning he contributed plenty.

  • Watch the Playoffs live at Astralis Watch, beginning today, March 25, at 17:30 CET.