Clutches and Comebacks in Third Week of POWER Ligaen

Clutches and Comebacks in Third Week of POWER Ligaen

Another week of POWER Ligaen's Group Stage is now finished for our teams, who both were on the battlefield once again.

A Crucial One Versus Three Clutch

Even though the pistol round went the way of Karlslunde Esport Main, the second, arguably more important round, was won on the back of a 2v4 situation where Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal and Marie "marie" Toft prevailed on the B-site of Overpass.

Unfortunately, Karlslunde Esport Main responded with six consecutive rounds, taking a 7-2 lead. It wasn't until round 10, where a 3v4 post-plant situation went in the women's squad's favor, that they returned to the game.

That round kickstarted the momentum for aurora & Co., as they tied the score 7-7. The half was decided by a 1v3 clutch by Anja "anja" Soelberg, who claimed the A-site as hers.

In the second half, the initial rounds bounced back and forth, resulting in an 11-9 score, but afterward, there weren't many problems as victory was claimed, 16-13.

marie earned the top spot on the scoreboard after a classy performance with 27 frags, 18 headshots, and a 1.33 rating.

On Overpass, marie made herself noticeable with a 27-17 K/D.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

  • Halstedhus.Masonic on October 2nd, at 20:00 CEST
  • Uppercuthummerklo Rising on October 5th, at 21:00 CEST

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An Amazing Anubis

At 20:00 CEST, the Talents fought their first opponent of the night, Exzentriq United, on the newest addition to the map pool, Anubis.

Starting on the offensive side was an advantage, proven by taking an incredible 11-0 lead as T's. When switching sides, the score was 13-2 in favor of the Talents.

Exzentriq United also found success on the T-side, as they claimed seven rounds, but ultimately, the match ended 16-7 to the Talent team.

It was a team performance on Anubis, where Andreas "kiR" Kirstein and Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen both ended at 20 frags, while Richart "ANSG1" Saleela Nielsen was one frag away from joining the 20-club.

The trio of kiR, MistR, and ANSG1 were vital in the 16-7 victory.

The Top Battle

A matchup of the two top teams was on the cards at 21:00 CEST against Sashi Esport.

It looked frightening at the beginning of Ancient, where the opponents won the first five rounds. Luckily, that was mirrored by the Talent lineup, who won five of their own, tying the score 5-5.

The upward trajectory continued as the first half finished 9-6. Sashi then came into the second half swinging, and shortly after, the game was tied 10-10.

The tension on the server was building up. Rounds were going back and forth, making an equal score of 12-12. Unfortunately, Sashi first reached the finish line, meaning the Talents were defeated 12-16.

A team effort sadly results in a 12-16 defeat.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

On Monday, October 2nd, Astralis Talent is playing against:

  • IMA PROBLEM, at 18:00 CEST
  • Atlantic, at 19:00 CEST

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