Comfortable Victory Versus ORKS

September 1, 2023
  • Date: August 31, 2023
  • Tournament: ESL Pro League Season 18
  • Opponent: ORKS (Poland)
  • Result: 2-0: 16-5 (Nuke), 16-6 (Overpass)

Our ESL Pro League journey continues as the main team beat ORKS 2-0 to advance further into the lower bracket.

blameF owns the Yard

The Polish squad chose Nuke as the first map, but it began to look more like a Danish home turf.

Victor "Staehr" Staehr and Benjamin "blameF" Bremer started the map strong, which helped the Danes to lead 9-0.

In nearly every round, blameF could be seen being aggressive out in Yard, which was a huge success, meaning a 13-2 half was on the cards. ORKS found two more rounds in the latter half but were ultimately beaten 16-5.

Buzzing the B-site

On Overpass, ORKS began by winning three out of the first four rounds on their CT side.

The lead didn't last long for our opponents as they couldn't stop Christian "Buzz" Andersen from opening up the B-site, which resulted in a 10-5 half.

On the Danes' CT side, it seemed like a walk in the park, and they closed the map 16-6.

After a swift 2-0 victory, the Danish quintet advanced further into the lower bracket as they face GamerLegion tomorrow, September 1, at 16:00 CEST.