Convincing Win Against Cloud9 to Secure Playoffs

Convincing Win Against Cloud9 to Secure Playoffs
  • Date: May 31st, 2023
  • Opponent: Cloud9 (Russia)
  • Tournament: IEM Dallas 2023 (LAN), Upper bracket semi-final
  • Result: 2-0 (16-8 OVERPASS, 16-8 MIRAGE)

Yesterday the Astralis main team beat Team Liquid, and today the players secured a spot in the playoffs by beating Cloud9 2-0.

A Perfect Start

The captain, Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, chose Ancient as the first map in an attempt to surprise the opponents, according to the winner's interview after the match.

The last time the squad faced Cloud9 on Ancient, the Danes claimed a narrow 19-16 victory. This time the map was finished in 24 rounds.

Cloud9 couldn't get established as Counter-Terrorists in the first half. Benjamin "blameF" Bremer was a crucial player as he began the game with an ace and continued his performance throughout the half and achieved a 1.93 rating.

After a 12-3 half, Cloud9 tried to fight back in the second half and eventually reached eight rounds, but Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz denied the comeback attempt in the second half with help from gla1ves clutching abilities.

With two aces from blameF, three clutches won in total and dev1ce gaining 23 frags, the team won the first map 16-8.

Improving on Mirage

The Russians won the initial three rounds on their map pick, Mirage, but the Danish squad responded by taking the lead 5-3 on their CT side. The following rounds swang between the two teams but eventually ended 9-6 in favour of gla1ve and the team.

Six rounds in a row to secure the map and match point were gained in a convincing showing on the T side. Cloud9 won two rounds before the Danes closed the map 16-8.

The dev1ce, blameF and Christian "Buzz" Andersen trio were magnificent as they all achieved 20 or more frags. On top of the scoreboard lies the Astralis AWP'er with a 24-9 K/D and a 1.64 rating on Mirage.

Remember, you can always tune in to the live stream on the Astralis website to get all the action. Our skilled caster will provide professional commentary and analysis throughout the matches.

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