dev1ce Speaks Out: You Can Swear it All Away at Times

dev1ce Speaks Out: You Can Swear it All Away at Times

After taking nearly a year off due to stress, the iconic figure of Astralis, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, made a pivotal decision. After focusing on his mental well-being and getting back on track, at the end of 2022, he felt determined to return as an active player with everything it entails. The superstar AWPer has since talked about how the time off gave him time to learn and reflect on managing the pressure and taking time for himself when needed. This newfound self-awareness enables the legendary four-time major winner to continue to be on top of his game and develop as a player and human being.

In the first season of the documentary, we witness dev1ce's return to his second home at the Astralis organization, where he quickly finds his footing and assumes a leading role on a new roster, now featuring a mix of fresh, young talent, with his long-time friends, gla1ve and Xyp9x as the only sole members from his previous tenure with the team. The footage showcases his determination to overcome mental hurdles and maintain his drive for excellence. His relentless pursuit of perfection is captured through his intense frustration and regret as the team encounters difficulties securing a spot for the Major in Paris.

Reflects on the Experience of Making the First Season

dev1ce reflects on the experience of making the first season and what it has been like to be followed around 24/7 by a camera while having to perform in high-intensity situations:

"We're used to being closely followed, and Morten, the documentarist who filmed most parts, is a great guy who quickly blended in with everyone on the roster. There are always certain situations and places where you prefer to avoid having the camera around, and for the most part, this has been respected. As a result, all of us, myself included, were more open and willing to share when on camera."

Was it challenging to maintain openness and vulnerability on camera, especially during the difficult times you guys faced on the server?

"As I said before, we are used to the attention and performing simultaneously, so you don't reflect on it much when filming. Afterward, watching yourself in heated situations on TV is still a special feeling. It truly gets very close and personal with us, but that's fine with me," dev1ce notes.

dev1ce: We do fail, cheer, cry, and fight for each other

The 28-year-old AWPer is satisfied with the overall outcome of the documentary's first season:

"It's well-produced, and I like it. However, whether it truly captures the behind-the-scenes essence is something the audience will have to judge. If you and all the other fans are interested in seeing something you've never really witnessed, you will undoubtedly find these four episodes very thrilling.

When was it most challenging to be on camera?

"There were times when emotions ran high, and things happened that you mostly want to forget. You can swear it all away at times – even the cameraman – and in one of the episodes, Morten gets harsh treatment. He took it well, and he's still filming for season 2, so I guess we're good," dev1ce says, smiling.

"I hope everybody will recognize we're regular people with everything it entails. We do fail, we cheer for each other, we cry, we fight for each other, and every human being responds differently under pressure. But normalizing honesty and vulnerability would be a significant achievement for our documentary," says the AWPer.

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