Dominating Last ESEA Group Match

Dominating Last ESEA Group Match

Fourteen matches. Nine wins and five losses.

That's our final score in ESEA Open after the impressive 16-3 victory against The Big Booty Dudes.

We're now placed 111th in the division, meaning a playoff spot is most likely secured, as almost all teams have finished their matches too.

Division advancement requires us to end between 9th-64th to move up to ESEA Intermediate.

If we play ourselves into the top four, we skip Intermediate and qualify for ESEA Main. The champion goes all the way to ESEA Advanced.

On December 1st, we faced The Big Booty Dudes on Nuke - a map we've grown to be comfortable with throughout the season.

The first half was the most exciting, where both Joanana and kezziwow were on fire by achieving 19 frags each and three 4Ks in total.

Our opponents only reached three rounds in the first half, making the score a favorable 12-3.

Switching to the T-side wasn't an obstacle at all. We continued our great steam from the first half, claiming the victory 16-3.

Joanana became our MVP with 26 frags and a K/D of 2.6.

The playoff period begins on December 5th and ends on December 30th.

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