Equality both off and ON the server

Equality both off and ON the server

Last week, the players on our women's team spoke up in an open letter to Valve. 

Currently, there are 29 free default male agents but 0 free default female agents in CS2.

With the full support from the organization, both leading up to and after their posts, the players asked for a solution, where they too, as women, would be allowed to play as their own gender in the game they love.

Their letter

The reactions have been overwhelming and the letter has been seen by millions, measured in 8 digits, on twitter and Reddit alone and it has been the focus of many articles across international and national media.

We have seen overwhelming support for our players, but we have also seen a lot of disrespect and even hateful messages. As an organization and as an employer, but also as human beings, we fail to understand and will never accept this kind of reaction to something that means a lot to some and that does not hurt others in any way or form.

Our players have had the full support from both us and Netcompany throughout entirety of this experience and they have our full support going forward.

We have just received below from Netcompany

"We have just received…

Last week, the Astralis Women team took a bold stand for representation and equality in the gaming world, addressing Valve with an open letter.

As main sponsor of the Astralis Women team, we are proud that they choose to use their voice and we want to support their battle to free the female agents.

This is why, we have bought an amount of female agent skins within CS2, that you can sign up for and use in the game.

We’ve done this to support the women's agenda, and in hopes of having more players joining the game as the agent they want to play without having to pay.

If you want to play as a female agent, you can sign up, right here.

Thank you Aurora, Josefine, Marie, Anja and Isabella for opening up the debate.
We are right behind you."

As part of the mission to free the female agents you can support the cause and claim a free female agent right here - free of charge from Netcompany.

Please note, that there is only a limited amount of free agents.