Farlig on Fire in Close Match

Farlig on Fire in Close Match

All three maps were needed in order to find the winner in today's match vs HEET.

We started off on HEET's map pick Dust II with a 12-16 loss despite a very good showing from the team, especially Farlig and k0nfig.

The players bounced back on Inferno with Xyp9x on top of the scoreboard with a 1.22 rating in the 16-10 map victory. The dynamic duo in blameF and k0nfig showed some good statistics as well.

Nuke was the third map of the series, ending in a 14-16 loss regardless of a very intense fight from the team.

The first half ended 9-6 in favor of Astralis and things got really close in the second half on our T-side. Farlig hit 31 frags in total on the final map and got a 1.41 rating while gathering some very important rounds.

Our next match is scheduled tomorrow, September 17th at 19:30 CEST and our opponent will be ENCE.