First Spring Split Done And Dusted

First Spring Split Done And Dusted

Ending on a high note

The 2021 Spring Split is over and there will be no playoffs for Astralis in their debut split.

The team displayed rapid improvements in the eight weeks of competition beating Vitality twice, Schalke 04, Excel Esports, SK Gaming, and Mad Lions in the process. In the final week the team won all three games going 3-0 alas it was too late for playoffs contention.

With 6 wins total and 12 losses the team finished 9th which is obviously not ideal since the goal was playoffs. The improvements towards the end of the split is however, is a promising omen for the Summer Split which begins some time in July.

While the playoffs of Spring is being played and during the following break the team has lots of time to prepare and a better foundation to work on after actually having played some of the best teams intensely over the winter.